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A simple GUI toolkit for ScriptCS

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ScriptCS-GUI is a simple GUI toolkit for ScriptCS. Its main aim is to help the user create fully interactive forms from the REPL without preventing her to use the REPL after the forms are run (on the contrary, tipically, creating and running a form from the console hangs the console). Thanks to a bunch of Windows API's ScriptCS-GUI hides you the complexity of instantiating independent windows forms from the REPL and lets you enjoy the rest.

At the moment the class Gui declares the following helpers:

Here's how to open an Open File Dialog. First install ScriptCS-GUI locally from NuGet with:

C:/anyfolder>scriptcs -install ScriptCs.Gui

Then enter scriptcs REPL and type the following.

var gui = Require<Gui>();

var path = gui.OpenFileDialog();
Console.WriteLine("You selected: '{0}'.", path ?? "nothing");

Launch the script as shown in the picture and enjoy your interaction... :)

The demo in ./demo/gui-demo.csx shows you: